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We are a small team dedicated to independent, socially responsible businesses and their consumers. By creating short films featuring socially responsible companies, we hope to ignite a community of like-minded individuals who value good business ethics. Our objective is to create a place where consumers can access reliable information and independent companies can showcase their socially responsible practices (in our opinion, this is their biggest selling point). We believe that radical transparency is a must for businesses of the future. We believe that consumers will increasingly demand the information needed to use their buying power with intention.


Together, we can fuel a marketplace that gives back.




Hello! My name is Dava and I am incredibly passionate about independent companies that, despite their many challenges, prioritize their stakeholders. As a consumer, I find that it takes a lot of work to be an informed consumer. IKI Directory will solve this problem for consumers by making companies' information easy to access. Furthermore, featured companies will gain a new way to connect with customers.



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what is IKI?

Iki is a Japanese aesthetic concept that originated in the merchant classes of what is now modern-day Tokyo. Iki is an expression of carefully calculated simplicity, the idea being that an everyday appearance would be considered “iki” in the context of the viewer's understanding of the effort exerted to achieve the result. Iki is refined spontaneity! It suggests that people and objects are more charming when they have an original, creative, and unpredictable quality. Iki is inherently hard to define. 


This is our interpretation of iki, and what inspired us to create IKI Directory. IKI companies have a vibe - they shine from the inside out - they do the right thing to not only to bring something creative and original to the marketplace but also actively help to create a better world through their ethical practices.


It takes a lot of work to shop ethically, and our followers totally get it. Not to mention, companies with the ancient “swag” that is Iki are coveted by this bunch. Being an ethical consumer is iki. Being a company that cares about its impact on the world is iki. Are you iki?

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