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The Covid Collection proudly welcomes its fifth edition, the Challah Back Girls! Sara, Marni, Hannah, and Eliana are four sisters that started this initiative to combine their passion for baking and voice for change to give back to the diverse communities that make up society. They sell their challah and donate 100% of the profits to organizations benefiting different social justice causes each month. Organizations they’ve fundraised for in the past include Saving Mothers, SONG, The Okra Project, B3 Foundation, and many others. Since they began this project in mid-June, the sisters have been able

to dough-nate about $30,000!


“We Challah Back Girls bake our bread as an act of love -- love for our black and brown family, love for our Jewish family, and love for a world that is filled with joy and relationships that uplift one another”. 


Learn more about the CBG here and on our website,!

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