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Sandra Sano, Founder & Creative Director

Peter Baldaszti, Co-owner & CEO

Nanushka is a clothing and accessories company offering collections for both women and men. Nanushka was founded in 2006 by designer, Sandra Sondor, a Budapest native and graduate of The London College of Fashion. Nanushka's signature style combines functionality, color, and comfort with subtle feminity. Sandra's partner, Peter Baldaszi, came on board as co-owner and CEO in 2016. Since 2016 the brand has grown substantially and is now is distributed globally.



Nanushka prides itself on being a citizen of the earth. This company revels in the continued desire to learn, explore, and become better versions of themselves. In their commitment to cherishing people and the planet, Nanushka has several ethical practices in place.

Nanushka's sustainability program is built on three pillars; Craftsmanship, Experimentation, and Progressivism. Craftsmanship, for Nanushka, means placing great attention into and emphasis on sourcing, materials, production, and items made by hand. Nanushka takes the opportunity to source conscious materials like upcycled fabrics, vegan leather, and bio-based acetates (an alternative to non-biodegradable materials like plastic). Nanushka produces many items in-house and locally meaning Nanushka teams work hand in hand to ensure high quality and there are no carbon emissions created in transporting product from production to distribution center. Nanushka also employs communities in need to handcraft ceramic elements of their products. The Noha Studio located in rural Terény, Hungary provides Nanushka with handmade ceramic bowls, beads, buttons, and garment endings. The pillars of Experimentation & Progressivism are a pledge from Nanushka to always strive to transform the way fashion is made and consumed by implementing new business models, purposeful use of technologies, using conscious materials, and continually seeking new solutions.



The Bibi Fund


Noha Studio

The National Theatre of Miskolc

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