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Linn Frisinger Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer 

Did you know that most stockings are made from nylon yarn through a harmful petroleum-based manufacturing process?

Did you know that over two billion pairs of pantyhose products are worn and discarded every year because they aren't made to last?


Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg learned everything about how detrimental pantyhose materials, production, and short-lived durability are to our environment. Personal disdain for the over-production of these non-durable products bombarding landfills with increasingly cheap, non-biodegradable textiles is what inspired the launch of Swedish Stockings in 2013. By using recycled yarn, Swedish Stockings became the world's first eco-friendly stockings brand. With pantyhose being one of the world's biggest consumables, it is important that they are built to last, says the brand. Committed to "responsibility from a wider perspective," the brand's mission has remained the same since day one; to change and influence the hosiery industry towards sustainable production overall. Athough, today they are still the only worldwide and sustainable distributor of stockings. 



Swedish Stockings is committed to environmental ethical practices as they prioritize the use of recycled materials, sustainable production practices, sustainable packaging, and a recycling program for their customers. By providing durable stockings made from recycled materials, Swedish Stockings is already leading the way towards an ethical, environmentally friendly hosiery industry. 

88% of materials used are recycled fibers sourced from pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. For example, Swedish Stockings often sources from sportswear companies that have excess nylon fabric that would otherwise go to waste. The other 8% of materials used are not recycled but natural and farmed organically in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard. Examples include cashmere, cotton, wool, and castor seed oil. All materials are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, meaning that all raw materials do not contain harmful substances that can be dangerous to humans and nature. Lastly, Swedish Stockings is BlueSign certified, which ensures they act responsibly and sustainably in regard to people, the environment, and resources. Their BlueSign certification also ensures their processing steps are traceable and transparent down to sourcing raw materials.


Suppliers and manufacturing partners of Swedish Stockings are closely vetted by their commitment to environmental issues, their commitment to their employees, their work with sustainable materials, and their geographical location. All Swedish Stockings' production partners use environmentally friendly dyes and solar energy. It's a priority for Swedish Stockings to keep production in a consolidated area to reduce the carbon emissions created in the transportation of products to their distribution center. All production is currently taking place in Europe and mostly in Italy. 


Swedish Stockings aims to one day be a completely circular brand; meaning that unwanted hosiery can be collected as a material source and upcycled into new hosiery. In order to upcycle hosiery, the polyamide nylon fibers need to be separated from the elastane fibers, and the technology to make this possible is not available today. Swedish Stockings still offers a recycling program where hosiery waste is recycled into furniture and commercial fiberglass tanks which are used to remove grease from water. Three pairs of unwanted hosiery can be mailed to Swedish Stockings' main-in point (listed below) to be recycled, in return, you will receive 10% off your next order at Swedish Stockings. Remember to include your e-mail when mailing in so that they can send a discount code.



Orrtorp, 73198

Köping, Sweden

send 3 pairs of stockings to be recycled
receive 10% off your next order



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