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Your Fight Too.

The Covid Collection is honored to welcome its 8th edition to the group, the incredible organization, Your Fight Too. Your Fight Too was founded by Kevin Mora with the help of Derek Walsh and Katie Cundari during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement this Summer 2020. Your Fight Too is a non-profit organization providing volunteer opportunities for those who want to support and uplift the fight for social justice happening in the New York City area. Since their start, a small band of medics, activists, and engaged citizens has turned into a highly efficient and passionate volunteer network, supporting protesters on the streets of New York City. This includes handing out bottles of water, providing medical aid, or supplying meals.


Your Fight Too relies on donations of resources to help keep operations running smoothly. All monetary donations are put towards supplies to aid protesters like water, snacks, and PPE. To support Your Fight Too and learn more, check them out on their Instagram @YourFightToo

and right here at!

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